Attention student and postdoctoral phage biologists planning to attend Viruses of Microbes 2020 in Portugal this year! Phage Directory will be sponsoring two cash awards (350 Euro each) in collaboration with the Viruses of Microbes organizing committee, and applications are now open!

How to apply

First, make sure you submit an abstract and register for Viruses of Microbes before the deadline. Second, write a 500-750 word guest blog article for publication in Phage Directory's Capsid & Tail newsletter, and submit it to us between now and June 30, 2020.

What is Capsid & Tail?

Capsid & Tail is a weekly phage community news digest published by Phage Directory. Its purpose is to build community among phage professionals and enthusiasts around the world, highlight diverse perspectives in the phage field, and keep everyone up to date on phage news, views, research and jobs. Its subscribers (835 as of March 2020) are made up of phage researchers and developers in academia, industry and government, healthcare professionals, investors, science communicators, and more.

Each Capsid & Tail issue features a blog-style article written by someone in the phage community. Check out PhD student Julie Callanan's recent article on RNA phages as an example!

Insights into the elusive RNA bacteriophages

How will winners be selected?

If your article is approved for publication (meets our standards for quality), we'll add your name to a draw. We'll randomly draw two winning names, which we'll announce at the Viruses of Microbes conference. And regardless of whether you win or not, your article will be featured in an issue of Capsid & Tail!

Who is eligible?

Any undergraduate student, graduate student, or postdoctoral researcher who is registered to attend (and present an abstract at) Viruses of Microbes 2020, and who submits a guest blog article that is approved for publication in Capsid & Tail by June 30, 2020.

Writing and submitting the blog article

  1. Read our Guest Writer Guide so you understand Capsid & Tail's target audience (the guide also contains ideas on what to write about, and gives formatting/word limit specifications)

[Capsid & Tail Guest Writer Guide](

  1. As soon as you know you're interested, send a quick email to [email protected]